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EUGridPMA Karlsruhe 2018 Meeting
EUGridPMA Karlsruhe 2018

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Logistics information 43rd EUGridPMA meeting, KIT North Campus, Karlsruhe, DE

The PMA meeting is held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT North Campus, in the SSC buildings. The north campus is quite a ways out of the city centre, but there is a free shuttle service between this North Campus and the university buildings in the city itself ("South Campus"), which is within walking (or tram) distance from the train station, downtown, and many good hotels. We suggest you stay in Karlsruhe city itself, and use the 20min commuter shittle to the meeting place.

How to reach Karlsruhe by plane

The nearest airports for long-distance visitors are Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. For nearly all practical purposes: pick Frankfurt (IATA: FRA; ICAO: EDDF, and then the approx. 1 hr train direct to Karlsruhe.

  • The long-distance train station is in close proximity of the airport. Once you get there, take a train to Karlsruhe (for exact times of departure, please refer to the train schedule of German Rail).
  • There are various ways to reach Campus North or Campus South by bus or tram. The exact times of departure are available on the website of Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund.
  • If you wish to proceed to Campus North or Campus South by car, make sure to approach us from the north.
  • Check the website of Frankfurt Airport for flight connections.
  • Look at the timetables of the German train transportation Die Bahn and KVV(Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund)

But remember: from north-western Europe, much of France, and from within Germany taking an ICE train is usually more convenient.

To the meeting

First use public transport to KIT Campus South (or walk)
Walk to KIT-shuttle in Campus South ( ~ 5 Minutes), use of KIT-shuttle is free! 
Take KIT shuttle bus to Campus North (~ 20 Minutes, time table linked, leaves every half hour, on the half hour, takes ~22 min)
Walk to new building of SCC (5 Minutes)

The first day you have to leave the bus in front of the entry and identify yourself at the entrance building by identity card or passport at the entrance building. I will prepare entrance cards for all of us for three days in advance. For this, besides your name also place and date of birth need to be collected. This is doen on the registration page, but the data is exclusively sent to Ingrid by email.
The second day you can drive into KIT and take the second bus stop (see again map )

Other paths to KIT - SCC Campus North
    - by public transport (tram and public bus)
Map of Karlsruhe (local information about the meeting/dinners with google maps)

Hints for tram usage
 Tickets are available at tram stations from ticket machines (choose language!) or in the tram from ticket machine or driver
You will need tickets for "Karlsruhe or 2 Waben" (~two combs) from Hotel to KIT-shuttle and back
Prices are
  Single ticket: 2,20 €
  4 x single tickets: 8,30 €
  24 hours ticket single 'Citysolo': 5,20 €
  4 x 24 hours tickets single 'City quattro': 18,- €
  1 x 24 hours up to 5 persons 'Cityplus': 8,20 €

KIT-Shuttle timetable: Combined information

Comments to David Groep.